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Patient rights ; human rights are reflected in the field of health. It is the right for the patient and the healthcare worker to enjoy together for the best health care. It is the duty and responsibilities of the health workers to the patient and the health workers of the patient.

Benefit from Services

Within the framework of justice and equity principles, every individual who applies to my hospital has the right to benefit from all services without distinction of language, religion, race or sect.

Requesting Information and Information

You have the right to ask for all kinds of health services and possibilities in our hospital and to ask for oral and written information about your health condition.

Health Establishment and Personnel, Selection and Replacement

Our patients have the right to choose and change the identities, duties and titles of doctors and other health workers who will give or give health care to them.


Our patients have the right to receive services in a confidential environment during the entire treatment process. All of the individuals who apply to my hospital are protected in a way that remains confidential even after the death of their medical condition, medical condition, and personal information. This information of the patient can be explained by the patient's clear consent or by the court's strict request.

Reject, Stop and Consent

Our patients have the right to refuse treatment, not to be stopped, to receive medical care intervention, and to benefit from service in the context of consent.


Our patients have the right to receive health care in a safe environment.

Ability to Perform Religious Vicarious

You have the right to fulfill religious obligations within the limits of the measures taken by your hospital and to the extent of your hospital's facilities.

Respect for Humanity, Respect and Comfort

You have the right to receive health services in a friendly, gentle, caring environment with all kinds of hygienic conditions provided with respect, care and care in our hospital.

Visiting and having a companion

Our patients have the right to accept visitors on the basis of the procedures and principles determined by our hospital, to the extent possible, and to have a companion if the physician deems it appropriate.

Application, Complaint and Litigation

Our patients have the right to use all kinds of complaints, complaints and lawsuits within the framework of legislation in case of violation of their rights.

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