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Protection from Microorganisms


It is the microplasms that all diseases cover. It is the development of the greatest defensive protection mechanism against microbe that can cause short-term, sometimes long-term illnesses and sometimes life-threatening diseases and diseases which are very difficult to return.

If you do not want to get caught with microbe, you need to know how to protect yourself. If you do not want to get sick by taking a medicine and your health is precious to you, try to apply the following warnings.

Hygiene Rules

Teach your children about the hygiene rules that they should follow at home and at school. Because they will quickly learn and mimic hand hygiene habits. Children can easily be protected from microbes, especially if parents or teachers demonstrate why and how it is done. Teach children how long they can wash their hands and take their fingers to their mouths or eyes.

Be Careful With Toilets

When you open the toilet door from the public areas, take a piece of paper towel to your hand and open the door appropriately. According to a report in Vatan, instead of using your hand when you siphon the same shape, press the button with a paper towel. There are clean mats at the door of many shopping centers. Wipe the wet wipe before touching the door handles. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you leave a crowded place, because you touch each side with your hand. Do not put your hand around your mouth or your eyes until you go home.

Let's not forget that the small rules that we will pay attention to in our lives are of great importance in terms of our health.


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